The Interiors Therapy Masterclass

NOW £1,500.00


The Interiors Therapy Masterclass shows you how to resolve your relationship, health, career and wealth challenges without frustration, trauma or overwhelm... And have your home support you you every step of the way. 

The Interiors Therapy Masterclass is a detailed course covering each of the five elements of Interiors Therapy. 

Excellent for anyone who prefers to work on their personal development at their own pace or wants to gain their own detailed knowledge rather than having the work done for them. 

For coaches and mentors who benefit from understanding what's going on in their client's homes and impacting on the client's ability to meet their goals. 

It's the perfect online course for anyone whose life isn't going according to plan and they just don't understand why.



Working through this course gave me such incredible insight.  It teaches stuff you don't even consider, but when you learn it - Wow it's so stunningly obvious.  Doing it changed my life totally. I was single, lonely and overweight.  Now I'm on top of my world and flying in my career.  I've become magnetic to love and I'm enjoying being myself for the first time in my life.

C Wilde

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