Manifesto for Love™ Handbook

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When your dating life is one disappointment after another,

  • No one meets your expectations,
  • You're ghosted,
  • Betrayed,
  • Let down on repeat...
  • Or they're just boring!

Use the dynamic combination of methods in the Manifesto for Love Handbook to change your experience.

Your world will become a happier place when you fine-tune the positive energy around dating to allow the right people or person to find you in the maelstrom of romantic connection, but without a detached, external boost that's sometimes really tough to do on your own.

Whether you've chosen internet dating or prefer the serendipitious 'eyes across a crowded room' approach, using the guidance within the Manifesto for Love Handbook will clear the detritis in your head, heart and home which actively pushes away the energy of someone you can truly love, and who will love and cherish you in return.

With two valuable bonus treats included in the workbook, this mini course has the ability to change your life for the better.

For one month The Manifesto for Love Handbook is available at the love-fuelled price of £9.98 before it's re-issued at the retail price of £49.99


This Works!

My new year's resolution accomplished thanks to this. Gave myself a month to do the 6 steps and completed in 2 weeks.  Put a new dating profile out and great response. Totally different caliber of men and have my fourth date with a standout guy tonight.  

Ginny K

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