Space Clearing Ceremony - DIY Download

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This Space Clearing Ceremony download is extracted from the wonderful Interiors Therapy Masterclass.

Until now the Masterclass has only been available by invitation, so sharing this document with you feels very special.

It gives you the detail you need to connect with your home and clear negative energy.

It’s not a substitute for having bespoke Feng Shui which can raise the positive energy to the most extraordinary level, but it will be uplifting and it’s a wonderful way to show your home some love and deal with the residual sensation of feeling ‘stuck’ after a change in circumstances, a big argument, divorce, illness, moving house, or a new beginning.

It’s also refreshing to do at the change of the seasons, around the new year (either calendar or the Chinese New Year) when you are ready to set new goals, or when you want a fresh start.


Made me so happy

This thorough and super easy to understand DIY space clearing manual was just what I needed. I love the way she writes and this ceremony is a more detailed version of the one in her book. I am investing in Feng Shui next because it is obvious my apartment isn't a happy place, but it feels so much better since the space clearing so I can keep things ticking over until I can work in person with suzanne

Sasha G

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