If you're getting a Divorce

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These are the things your friends and lawyer won't tell you which will smooth the path to an easier, kinder divorce.


I encourage my clients to download this guide

As a lawyer I'm very aware of the time my clients use talking through issues to do with possessions and who gets what at the end of a marriage.  They forget that the clock is ticking and the billing minutes racking up.

I want my clients to come through their divorce with dignity and balance so I recommend this download to start them thinking differently about the marital possessions and home.  I also suggest they pick up a copy of the book 'Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship'.

Quite often the clients who take this suggestion on board go on to have smoother, more satisfying divorces and walk away with their peace of mind and a home which is perfect for their new lives.  

The clients who ignore the suggestion tend to be the ones who drag out their divorces, fight for everything in court and end up feeling they have lost - even if they got everything they thought they wanted. 

Suzanne is right to suggest travelling light at the end of a marriage.

P S Family Law Specialist

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