Feng Shui House Types - A Simple Guide

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Find out whether your home is:

Good for People and Money

Bad for People and Money

Good for People but Bad for Money

Bad for People but Good for Money

and what to do about it.

Use this guide to get an overview of the four Feng Shui House Types and the unexpected 'blip' a Feng Shui lock can cause.


Explained our move disaster

When we moved house everything, literally everything, went wrong for us.  It never crossed our minds that moving into a place there had been four divorces in a row might not be a good idea.  My gf saw an article about this stuff and we got the free download which made a lot of sense.  Now we're getting the Feng Shui report to put the house right.  

Simon Grey
It's not me its my apartment

OMG. Read about Will and Kate's new place and checked this website.  This stuff is so useful.  Got myself lots of freeby info and it looks like my place is bad for people and money.    When payday comes I'm gifting myself a feng shui report

Dani Spencer

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