Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship

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Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship is the award winning first book on Interiors Therapy and the impact of possessions on love, wealth, health, opportunity and so much more.    This is an author's edition of the book and can be dedicated and autographed on request.

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It works!

Shortly after reading this book I did in fact get into an amazing relationship!!!

Amazingly written, fun, deep, actionable and works really really fast (in my case anyway)

I actually bought another few for my single friends.

Thank youuuuuu
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This book is a MUST read if you love your home ! do it for YOU not a relationship!!

Every single chapter is ladened with golden nuggets- you don't know what you don't know but now i have read it is so blindingly obvious.

Day by day my home is being injected with new fantastic inspiring energy- this is high level, reenergising exciting stuff!

Tash Jones

This book is so helpful for those wishing to move on with their lives following a separation. I've recommended it to so many of my divorcing clients and they have been truly grateful. Highly recommend!

This book is inspirational whether you are in a relationship or not

I got this book because of the excellent reviews, but also after meeting with Suzanne and being truly inspired by what she does - I wanted to find out more!!

The book takes you from understanding your starting point, Feng Shui, triggers and taking you through exactly what you can do to impact your future and make real, liberating changes.

I love the exercises throughout the book that break down what you can do into small manageable tasks - so you really are making difference right from the start of the book.

And I would say this book is for everyone. We all likely hold onto "stuff" for way too long, and understanding the impact this can have on our wellbeing makes it absolutely crucial to do something about it.

Reading this book gives you hands on advice and practical solution to enhancing your wellbeing by improving the environment you live in and are constantly surrounded by. I highly recommend.

How to change your outlook for the better

I got this book because of the excellent reviews, but also after meeting with Suzanne and being truly inspired by what she does - I wanted to find out more!!

The book takes you from understanding your starting point, Feng Shui, triggers and taking you through exactly what you can do to impact your future and make real, liberating changes.

I love the exercises throughout the book that break down what you can do into small manageable tasks - so you really are making difference right from the start of the book.

And I would say this book is for everyone. We all likely hold onto "stuff" for way too long, and understanding the impact this can have on our wellbeing makes it absolutely crucial to do something about it.

Reading this book gives you hands on advice and practical solution to enhancing your wellbeing by improving the environment you live in and are constantly surrounded by. I highly recommend.

Bronwen Vearncombe
You are what you own - food for thought

I very insightful book into how your possessions and their environment can affect your wellbeing and mood.

As many people feel better with an organised space - this book might well be the prompt you need to 'sort your stuff' out! in both the physical and spatial sense. Using the concept of Interiors Therapy this is a useful guide when considering what impact it might have on you!

Denise O'Leary
Little GEM of a book

What an amazing book. So well written and so easy to read. I wish I had read this book years ago.
The proof is in the reading ..... this book talks sense
Thank you

Great Book

Great book!

You can live the life you want - just clear the crap first

Suzanne has an amazing way of putting the tough stuff in very simple terms. We think all our stuff is really hard to get through, that we all have baggage, but there are some very simple ways to clear the crap mentally and physically.

Highly recommend to anyone at a crossroads in their life.

Suzanne Butler
Fascinating book - I've changed my entire office around and updated it

In terms of mindset and emotional energy, this book is amazing. I have completely changed my office around after reading this book. I feel calmer by simply changing the direction of my desk. And amazingly I look younger because with the tips form this book I now have more natural light coming into my office space which radiates warmth and wellbeing. This is a great read and a real great action-taker as well I highly recommend this wonderful book.

Adele Stickland
Buddha Statues

I love the way that Suzanne has written this book as a guide to you and your home ...looking at how the clutter around you can clutter your mind.
There are of course a few surprises that are included in the book, which means that if you don't know what you don't know you could potentially be making a mistake without knowing it.
Just one of these insights makes the investment in the book very worthwhile - thank you Suzanne x

Dr Cheryl Chapman
Everyone needs to read this

I love this book. Its so interesting and eye opening, and I have had so many moments of clarity already. Going back through it again now and following the steps. I can already see/feel a change. Everyone needs to read this.

I felt respected by this book. I felt encouraged and I felt change happening chapter by chapter

Brilliant book. I love the nine fundamental truths. I love the structure as thinks are divided into easy-to-understand stages – getting to grips with my thinking – how to change my current thinking, the therapy side, and creating new thinking. I love the metaphor of cleaning and servicing a car before putting in new fuel and hitting the accelerator. Before the service, the car does not respond – afterward. Watch out! The style of writing is so – so friendly – like having a meaningful and significant chat over a cup of tea. A live changing one. The self-audit. Ouch, that made me think. The chapter on gratitude, fascinating. I’ve always seen gratitude as being at the heart of being positive and yet never thought about having a gratitude book. Throughout this book, the balance of homour, personal insights, and application exercises is just right. I felt respected by Suzanne, I felt encouragement and I felt change happening chapter by chapter.

Bob Hayward
I can't put this book away, I love it

I started decluttering my house a few weeks ago because I felt I was kind of suffocating with all the stuff we have accumulated over the years. I decluttered and tidied up for three days in a row, it felt so good and I had made a great start.
Only afterwards I met the author Susanne at an event for authors and when she told me about her book I had to read it straight away. And I could not put it away! I love interior decorating and I have always made sure I feel good in our home. However 'Welcome Home' has helped me to fully understand the impact our home and also clutter has on our mind. The book helped to me declutter properly, to get an understanding of what Feng Shui is and how I can use it for my home.
I love the way Suzanne writes in a super easy and straight forward way, how she explains her concepts of interior therapy and Feng Shui for all areas in the house and especially all the real life examples she gives from her coaching work.
I have already recommended this book to a few friends and will definitely continue recommending it. I can only recommend that you read it as well and start improving your life and the way you feel through such simple steps.
For me personally the book was great to help me declutter my home and my life and the way I feel in my home. But the book is so much more, Suzanne describes how you can find love and a healthy relationship through your interiors and the way you live, how our home has an effect on our mental health, can cause weight issues, stress and overwhelm, tiredness and so much more.
If you are thinking of buying it and are not sure, go for it! You will not regret it.

Best book I've read all year!

I gifted myself a copy of this amazing book along with a day off in bed to enjoy it and what a wonderful gift it was.
I couldn’t put this book down and read the whole thing front to back in one sitting.
I then immediately sprung into action and start the task of de cluttering my bedroom and ensuite. I found so many things I didn’t even know were sharing my sacred space at night that give me such feeling of hurt, it was liberating to get them out including burning a letter of remorse from my abusive ex husband. Why was that even in my house!

It goes to show you think it’s all gone but until you go on a true happiness hunt there’s still things lurking in the shadows.

Now to give it all a lick of pain, some tlc and onto the next room to see what else I can find.

Jen Morley
I'm not sure how she does it but the results are amazing

I'd been feeling stuck in a rut with my romantic life and felt I needed to do something different. I'd read reviews about Suzanne and contacted her. She was a revelation, needless to say it worked. Now here's the book. I've bought the paperback and it's got even more helpful hints and tips than I had before. It's an easy read, clear and concise and you can dip in it easily. Follow her tips and get amazing results.

Love it!

I love this book for its down to earth language and frequent stops for a cup of tea. Although already familiar with Feng shui principles, I was able to have my "aha" moment between the pages of Welcome Home. A helpful and encouraging read for novices and experts alike.

A Knox
A great read, entertaining, accessible - this book will change your life

I pre-ordered this and I couldn’t wait to get it and I wasn’t disappointed - great to read, well written, entertaining and accessible.
I have worked through the book, finishing off my clutter clearing and sorting and then did the space clearing.
I feel happier and lighter and more in control of my life. I am ready to set goals and pursue them knowing my home supports rather than drains me. A far cry from the exhausted, paralysed person I was a few weeks ago. Can not recommend this book enough - life changing.

Gillian Robertson
A great book!

This book can have a profound affect on your life, if you let it. What it aims to do is to give you a happier life by making you change your attitude to life. That is often most manifest in the objects that we choose to surround ourselves with, most particularly in our very own home. Suzanne gently guides you into looking at the things that you possess and the effects they are having on you. Her approach is to use a mixture of Feng Shui and Law of Attraction work to clear out those things that hold you back and to consequently open your mind to new ways of thinking. If you regard Feng Shui and Law of Attraction stuff as rather New Age "woo woo" stuff, look at this from a different perspective, a psychological one. If you've ever seen programmes on TV about obsessive hoarders, you'll know that our environment can critically affect how we see ourselves. Whilst you may not be anywhere near the level of those poor people on television, do you still surround yourself with reminders of the past? Do you have things in your house that you bought but never used? Or wore? Is your own house actually getting you down?
These are the sort of questions that Suzanne's book helps you address and how to change things for the better. This is particularly true when it comes to attracting someone new into your life. Ask yourself this, would you want a new potential partner to visit your house? If not, why not? Perhaps that's an indication that something needs to change if you wouldn't even want to invite someone back to your place (this can include friends too!).
The approach taken is to first assess honestly where you are now and to try and get clear on what's holding you back. The second step is then to do the decluttering of your house, working room by room to remove all the objects that you no longer need or desire. Finally, having cleared the physical clutter (and by so doing, cleared the mental clutter that was holding you back), you then move on to attracting a partner, if that's what you want of course!
The book itself is written in an easy to read, engaging style with plenty of stories and anecdotes to maintain your interest. And Suzanne is quite honest about her own successes and mistakes (always a good sign in an author of these type of books) and how they have shaped her personal journey. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

Fascinating and interesting read

Suzanne takes her readers on a journey to discover how stuff gets in the way of you achieving your potential. How stuff isn't just our physical belongings but our emotional baggage. Great read and highly recommended to anyone who wants to find more purpose in their lives.

My new 'Go to' book for making my home more welcoming

This book is extremely well written, compiled, structured and presented. It's very informative, helpful and based upon 'real life' scenarios that we all can relate to. This lovely lady has also shown, through her own vast experience, expertise and practice, that what is written and included within this book really works too. I do believe there is something within this book for everyone, which will help facilitate improvements in their daily lives and home environment.

Duncan Smith
A real catalyst for change

I've had the pleasure of working with Suzanne and reading this book is like being with her in person - engaging, insightful, amusing and... persuasive, shall we say! She's as much the life coach as the declutterer. We've all heard the advice to 'dress the part' for the job or role you would like to have. Well, this book extends that to your home. Who are you now? How do you want to be? Does your space reflect that?

The book bowled me over. I'd expected to be gently nodding in recognition while I read it, I but I couldn't put it down and was galvanised into further action. If you genuinely want to clear the way to actualise your goals, 'Welcome Home' is a great guide and companion.

Cherry B
Declutter and reorganise

A great book, it confirmed all I know to be true about our stuff and how we feel in that space. We are in the ptocess of having a clear out and put some of the stuff for sale. Commiting to our lives and creating the apace for love and creativity.

Fascinating and important

What a well thought out book, very clear uplifting advice and methods to achieve peace and harmony in the home, which then reflects in other aspects of your life. Many of us know that de-cluttering is a good idea, this book lets us know how to start and more importantly, how to finish so that you can achieve your desired outcome. At the very least you'll feel a whole lot better for carrying out Suzanne's suggestions.

Cathryn H
An easy read that makes sense

Suzanne has created this well sized easy to read book in a style that has you hungry to read it all in one go, and immediately review your home and surroundings, gifting you a wealth of information and inspiration. The words gift you an understanding of how you have either been helping yourself with your choices or alternatively holding yourself back in life. A transformational book that will be a catalyst for change in your life, and those of your friends too when they see the results in you?

Vanessa Edwards
Suzanne really can work magic with you

Suzanne has written a beautiful book that is so much more than the title. I can read the pages but also hear Suzanne’s voice as we have spoken over the years, she is calming and helps you find that safe space to let go of things not just physically but mentally too and the results you feel and see are wonderful! She really knows her stuff and she makes you get things done!

Mrs M
Compelling and practical - it made me realise how stuck I am

Suzanne writes like if she was there in the room speaking to you, it's very engaging. I couldn't put the book down, it's fascinating. Her knowledge and her passion to transform people's lives is clear. I was going through a tough time after a split up and I by reading this book I could see how badly I was still holding on to my past relationship through the object I was keeping. It helped me to take action and once I sold and gave away some of the memories I felt better prepared to what the future holds.

Tais van Ondheusden

A life changing book; easy to read and very entertaining.

I have recently split up with my husband after 30 years together and Suzanne Roynon’s wise words have helped me to transform my home and I’m ready to move on.

If any part of your life isn’t working for you I’d definitely recommend this book.

Amazon Customer
A must read!

If you want to know why you do what you do, why you are attracting the wrong kind of attraction, repeating the same old mistakes, wanting to change direction, want to help someone else......? Then this is the book for you. Fab insight of ourselves. Strongly recommended reading!

Sussex Lass
A great way to see things differently

I followed Suzanne's methods by the book and finally found love after nine years on my own. My home and my thinking changed during the process. Although it was sometimes challenging to see myself differently, it felt as though I had a friend by my side. I now feel more alive, more loved and more in tune with what I want than ever before.

N Le Mao
Easy to read and implemented - loved it!

Wonderful book with amazing easy to implement ideas ...that work..!

Honestly I would highly recommend this book to anybody who feels stuck and wants to create an amazing, supportive environment for themselves so that they can create their ideal life !

Adele Marie Hartshorn
Love this

I totally believe in this concept and actually practiced it without having my thought process clarified. Love it.

Marie-Claire Prettyman
Brilliant book - transforms your life

Brilliantly well written book by the author who clearly explains the need for change within you, your home and how clutter impacts your emotions and mindset. I love it!

Amazon Customer
Fantastic read

Great read, beautiful style, fantastically helpful, an absolute five star find!
Look forward to her next one!

Catherine Waller

Went into it with open mind a bit sceptical but this book brings home the truths of your relationships and suddenly life makes sense inspirational

Rolsy G

Every part of our lives impacts every part of our lives.. This book reveals that fact so beautifully and helps you take action to intervene in a way that feels nourishing and practical. I really want to thank the author for her insights.

Fascinating read! Very helpful in clearing your space. Clear Space, Clear mind

What i like about this book is that it focuses on you and your relationship with your space. It is helpful in maximizing your understanding of how the things you keep around you affect the way you think and feel. As a guy, after reading this i realized i had so many items i didn't need and i feel a lot better after making the changes the book suggests. Would recommend 10/10!

Alexander Gil
I look forward to my clutter free life!

With the help of this book my clutter is going out the door. I got such an inspiration to go through and sort out, well pretty much, everything. It’s Feng shui 2,0 and a whole lot more.
I recommend this book to everyone who needs a fresh start or just a vitamin injection to their life.

B Sjostrand

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