Feng Shui Report Package

NOW £988.00


A detailed Feng Shui report unique to your home and circumstances to support rebalancing your home and incorporate positive energy.

Discover whether your home is

Good for People and Good for Money;

Good for People and Bad for Money;

Bad for People and Good for Money;

or Bad for People and Bad for Money 

You also receive:

* Two video consultations for your home, including Interiors Therapy guidance on art and possesions which may be compromising your lifestyle or wellbeing

* A new report for the 2nd year in the same property

* Whatsapp support

* And much more


A revelation

Seriously I had no concept of what it would do for my home to have a feng shui package prepared by Interiors Therapy. To say my life is totally transformed is an understatement. I had reports done in the past but none have compared to this package.

I was sceptical

I don't mind admitting I was a bit perturbed when my girlfriend gave me this for Christmas. It is more her thing than mine, but I wanted her to move in and this was a major step towards that. Working with the Interiors Therapy Feng Shui team meant I was supported all the way and they made it real easy to activate the apartment. I still dont understand how it happened but the place feels so good now and having the extra money to spend on a really epic engagement ring was an unexpected bonus of upgrading my wealth area.

Suggesting this Product to everyone

Heard about this on the BBC and decided to test the theory by getting a report done for my new place since things have been tough since moving in. The team made it so easy for me to go through the process and knowing the new place was bad for money and people and more importantly how to fix it was everything I wanted and more. I get an updated report each year and when I next plan to move I'll be making sure to get the Feng Shui right before I buy.

One for every home

I am blessed to have worked with Suzanne on a number of properties and thanks to her am living my best life. I just wish I had not waited until my late 70s to experience how good it is to live in a home where everything goes right.

This is why I love my house

My place bad for people good for money and I sick all the time. Mad with lazy husband who do nothing at house.

I buy report and make changes. Everything changes and I are well now. Very well and to have baby after long marriage time and no baby. Husband got big job and I like him better than before. 

Annetta, Turkiye
Dubai Apartment Feng Shui

A good expat friend recommended having this report done when we relocated to Dubai because so many people in our building were stressed.  She had one done and got such great results we wanted the same.

It exceeded my expectations and I'm loving the way our apartment feels now.  Previously it felt dismal and unloved, now it feels like the happiest home ever.  

If you are on the fence, don't wait any longer. This is the best gift you could ever give your home, just make sure you implement asap so you don't waste any more time.

Pentagon City feng shui win

Getting this done was a way of reclaiming my home after divorce. Starting again was scary and after a couple home invasions I hated the place but have no money to move yet. Suzanne is so sweet and generous with her time. She really took note of what mattered and gave me some extra advice which came down to the best life coaching I ever received. This feels like MY home now and most importantly I feel safe here.

Lexie C

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