Find your Wonderful New Home Package

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When searching for a new home, it makes complete sense to start from the strong foundation of having a home which is 'on your side' and works with you rather than against you right from the moment you move in. 

This package includes a valuable guide to what to look for when searching online, and two House Type assessments for properties you are seriously considering buying.

In this way buyers can avoid homes which are likely to have bad feng shui and cause financial, health and relationship difficulties.  


Stopped me making a big mistake - twice!

Booked this service on a whim after purchasing a property which turned out to be not all I had hoped.  The information in the guide is very useful to help with online reasearch on Rightmove and saved me a lot of time I would otherwise have spent viewing properties.  

When I found a couple I was interested in, requested reviews on two potential properties.  The first one turned out to be Bad for Money and Bad for People.  The information provided with the report allowed me to ask the estate agent some questions which confirmed the property was being sold due to the end of a marriage and a failed business.  This would have been a woeful place to live as the current owners found out.

The second property was Bad for People and Good for Money.  Again I was able to obtain 'inside information' thanks to my report and this meant that when I went for a second viewing I could ask the seller some leading questions.  This lead to revelations about problems with difficult neighbours and meant I withdrew my offer.

After years investing in property I now feel I have an extra level of reassurance in finding a property which will be right for me.

M Higgs
Excellent and Considerate Service

I had never done anything like this before. My home was exceedingly unlucky for me and several previous owners. Decided to start again. Using Ready to Sell made selling the old place easy, but finding somewhere to suit my specific requirements was impossible without help and I did not want to make another purchase error. I recommend reading the guidance carefully to weed out unsuitable properties. I did not do this and InteriorsTherapy immediately flagged up potential problems on the first place I sent for review and advised me to think again. This saved me from disaster.

We are big fans

Interiors Therapy help us to sell our place. Now we use it to get  place with right Feng Shui because place with wrong feng shui very bad news. Such good people.

Sofia Getz

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