Ready to Sell Package

WAS £1,000.00 NOW £800.00


Selling your home is stressful.  It takes time and energy.  It disrupts your life and can affect your work and wear you out.

Could there be another way?

What if selling your home was simple, easy and fast?

What if you had buyers bidding in days?

Take the stress out of selling your home.  Make your house irresistible so you have buyers making offers straightaway, and potentially, above your asking price.

This package includes

* 3 hours in-person support in your home*

* Written recommendations 

* Get Your Home Ready to Sell PDF

* Whatsapp support

When you purchase this package we will contact you to arrange a preliminary video call and book the consultation date.

*Travel expenses not included


Sold in three days

Our agent told us it would be months before the house sold after moving my father into a nursing home.

We did not have time to wait and so called in Suzanne.  

She did two days with us in person on a bespoke package.

The house sold 3 days later for £30K above the highest price the estate agent believed it could reach.

£45K above asking price

Amazing, practical, advice.

The Ready to Sell guide was so helpful and I got my apartment prepared over the course of a weekend, doing lots of things I wouldn't have thought of, but made such a positive impact.

My buyers were bidding against one another and the price flew up.  A week later it was done and I was able to select a cash buyer without a chain giving me a smooth, straightforward move too.

The best bit was, because I'd done the preparation work, when I moved out most of my clutter and unwanted stuff had gone - I moved into my new home surrounded by the things I love and thanks to Interiors Therapy, the new house became 'home' that same day.

H Johnson
Bid Battle after Open Day

I would never have believed it if it hadn't happened to me.

My home was on the market unnoticed for months.

I got fed up with the estate agent excuses and took it off the market in despair.

A friend gifted the the Ready to Sell guide with online help for 3 generous hours.   That gave me the kick-start I needed and I completed the work on my own with some bonus whatsapp accountability.  

At Suzanne's suggestion I put it back on the market with an online agent and they organised an open day and that's all it took.  

A successful sale above asking price and all done in a matter of days.

K Hunter

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