Feng Shui Report Annual Update (Same Property)

NOW £160.00


Detailed annual upgrade report for your Feng Shui  available at this special rate for clients who have previously purchased a full Interiors Therapy Feng Shui report for their current home.

This report is unique to your home and circumstances and gives you the information you need to maintain balance and harmony in your home and incorporate positive energy throughout the year.

Reports are valid from 5 February of the current year until - 4 February of the following year, after which a new report is required in recognition of the change in energy which comes with the Chinese Solar New Year.

Reports take approximately 1 week to prepare.

You also receive a fifteen minute video consultation to confirm placement of your remedies if required

NB: If your circumstances have changed or you have a specific intention you wish to incorporate for this year which differs to your previous report, please let us know by email.


Essential annual update

I left it a bit late to request my updated report for 2022.  

The week's delay saw one pickle after another.  We felt as though everything was going wrong so Hubby stopped telling me the Feng Shui was rubbish and ordered the new report himself.

K C Hampshire

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