Feng Shui Report Package - Exclusive Show Offer

WAS £988.00 NOW £900.00


A detailed Feng Shui report unique to your home and circumstances to support rebalancing your home and incorporate positive energy.

Discover whether your home is

Good for People and Good for Money;

Good for People and Bad for Money;

Bad for People and Good for Money;

or Bad for People and Bad for Money 

You also receive:

* Two video consultations for your home, including Interiors Therapy guidance on art and possesions which may be compromising your lifestyle or wellbeing

* A new report for the 2nd year in the same property

* Whatsapp support

* And much more


Took life to a whole new level

We read about Interiors Therapy Feng Shui on the grand designs website and decided to get ahead of the game. Life has been a challenge for the five years after we bought the house so we were ready to try anything. It was that or divorce.

Working with Suzanne and her team was a revelation. We installed our remedies the day after our first progress call and everything, I mean everything, started to improve. With a work promotion, the difficult neighbours selling up and our marriage improving by the day, I only wish we had done this sooner.

Karina and Greg
the biggest pay rise ever

OMG OMG I havent even got all my feng shui in place yet but I just had news my salaray is increasing by over 50%. 


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