Build Plot Feng Shui - Exclusive Show Offer

WAS £988.00 NOW £900.00


A review of drawings/site plan to support the positioning and/or remedying your home to incorporate positive Feng Shui energy.

Whether your foundations are already laid or you are still at the drawing stage, be forearmed with the information about the house type of your future home.  Will it be...

Good for People and Good for Money;

Good for People and Bad for Money;

Bad for People and Good for Money;

or Bad for People and Bad for Money 

Your report will give you guidance on any minor changes you can make to improve the energy of your property.  If it is already built, you will be advised on appropriate external remedies to rebalance any negative energy.

You also receive:

* Whatsapp support

* And much more

When you place your order you will receive a PDF questionnaire to complete and return to us.


A silk purse from a sows ear

One nightmare after another with a site until I got the feng shway done. I was not a believer in woo woo energy thing but the girlfriend convinced me to give it a go and it worked out well as soon as we made some very inexpensive changes. I went from hating the place to genuine excitement to move in.

Terry G
Gave me the break I needed

We got the FS done part way through the build. Next time we will do it at drawing stage to be sure we get the best out of the property. It turned out we had built a Bad for Money place, but following the report and talking through ideas with the team we put in the external solution and it stopped the money draining away.  We are getting the FS done for our marital home too.  Such great value and friendly service.

Laura Williams
I'm now building three good for money apartments blocks!

The best money I ever spent. 

Brad Weisz, Colorado

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